Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 CHRC Top Ten

Head Section Leader: Kelvin Kong Teck Ming
A. Head Section Leader: Carmen Yiek Leh Xion
Secretary: Emily Chin Kaisean
V. Secretary: Ma Teck Leck
Treasurer: Kristine Ling
V. Treasurer: Law Hui Wen
Quartermasters: Liu Jia Yi, Theresa Chan Sze Ching, Yii Shen Jing, Alexandra Sim

Seniors have discussed and decided that the board above is just temporary, seniors will have the authority to change the board if the performance is unsastified. We hope that members would give full support and cooperation needed to them. Moreover, We sincerely wish the new batch of Top 10 all the best as we all have high expectations on your performance for the time to come. Lastly, Sorry for any inconveniences caused.