Sunday, April 7, 2013

G-Nex Competition 2013

Dear all members,

We have great news to announce!! The G-Nex Competition was held in the MRC Headquarters from 6th April 2013 until 7th April 2013. Our school had sent two teams to join the competition.The two teams that our school sent are:

Team A
No.1- Sharon Hee Tau Ching
No.2- Chai Yong Lin
No.3- Peggy Kong
No.4- Alvin Lau Lee Jie
No.5- Kee Kia Wei

Team B
No.1- Kelvin Kong Teck Ming
No.2- Carmen Yiek Leh Xion
No.3- Alexandra Arcilla Sim Xin Hui
No.4- Kristine Ling
No.5- Law Hui Wen

Ladies and gentlement, it's our greatest pleasure to announce that our chung hua Team A has won the competition and got the champion of the G-Nex Competition. Our achievements are as followed:

(a) Best Quiz Bee
(b) Best Bandaging & Immoblization Relay
(c) Best Community Based
(d) Best Traditional Team Test
(e) Overall Champion

Meanwhile, our team B from Chung Hua also got the First runner up of the G-Nex Competition.

This is the group photo of our Chung Hua Team A&B.

We have successfully won the best award in every section of the competition. We especially show our gratitude to our seniors who not only trained us for weeks, but also gave us support throughout the competition that helped us to strive harder for the best. In addition, we wholeheartedly thank all AJKs who have helped us in our training. We truly appreciate your commitment and hard work.

This marks another great achievement for us in 2012. We especially hope that every AJK and member will continue to support and work with us for the rest of the year to make new history for CHRC.

CHRC Rocks!!!